The Yoga of your heart…

Since ancient times, sages have repeatedly said this – take one step, and God takes a thousand steps towards you.

For me, this quote sounded more like romantic and mythological. It didn’t feel easy for a common man to do it.

I revered many great men who are said to have ‘realized’ the God but didn’t feel that it was for me.

But as I studied and practised this path called Bhakti Yoga, I felt amazed.

It was simple, yet huge in effect. I found this yogic path a cure for many human problems.

Let me explain to you what it is: The first step starts from your heart.

Your heart is capable of releasing love. Not just showing, but releasing. Exuding it like fragrance from a flower. That is Yoga of the heart.

Releasing love towards what? It is towards God. Unconditionally.

What happens?

You don’t know what God is. Mythologically you have some conceptions, but really don’t know anything. It is an unknown cosmic entity. Your senses cannot perceive it.

You can choose not to take the first step. You have that absolute freedom. But when you do it, your life flowers like a thousand-petaled lotus. A thousand possibilities open in your life.

The whole cosmos begin to respond to you.

So, what is the first step?

It is Bhakti or the Devotion.

When you are fully into it, it becomes yoga, the Bhakti Yoga.

Devote yourself, and then the magic begins to unfold.

The Magic of Devotion

This website is created to teach you this ancient yogic path of devotion.

Devotion is a simple method of letting go of your limiting mind and allowing the cosmic mind to work for you.

It works magically when you start practising this method in three simple steps:

    1. Understanding the science of devotion
    1. Choosing your own deity
  1. Building your life around your deity

Make Bhakti your lifestyle. And experience the Magic of Devotion.


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