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My grandfather’s family lives in a remote village. More remote when I used to visit it as a kid.

Almost a mile before we reached our grandfather’s house, there stood a handpost, at the intersection of three roads.

We called the handpost, with a local name Kai Mara, which literally meant ‘a tree with hands’.

The handpost always mesmerized the child in me.

There, I used to stand under it, and raise hands and say: ‘the left hand directs me to one town, the right one to another. But I choose the middle one, which directs me to my grandfather’s village, where my heart wants me to go’.

The image of the handpost has always been with me ever since, helping me make decisions.

Whenever I was in confusion, I would imagine myself standing below the handpost, and try to make a decision – Which is the right path for me? Which one my heart is really asking me to choose?

And when I took a decision, I felt very powerful.

You also might have felt it. Good or bad, take a decision, and you will feel your personal power.

Confusion is a sin. It is a chain tied you to the handpost. You should not stay at the handpost for longer. You should remove the shackles of indecision and move on.

If the decision you make is wrong, you will soon feel an uneasiness within. If it is the right one, you will feel the power.

But, why is decision so powerful?

The power of decision

The problem with most people is – they don’t know what to do. Some people have dreams, but they are not determined to achieve it.    

I have had friends who wanted to become novelists. But, I never saw them actually learning the art of writing and try writing something. They kept on dreaming that someday somehow they would become ‘famous’ novelists.

This is just a wishful thinking.

And behind this wishful thinking, there is an inherent thought – someday, somebody will make me a novelist.

Some fortune, some god-force or some guardians will bring it into my life.

You dream like this and until the end of your life, you continue to dream. Nobody in the universe will make you a novelist.

The only one person in the whole universe that can do it for you is YOU.

You DECIDE to do it, and you DO IT. Whatever it takes.

This decision TO MAKE IT HAPPEN is the greatest leap.

When you make it, all different energies working within you come together to become one force. When this one force starts operating, the universe starts to set things up for your success.

Remember, you have a cosmic force inside you, but if you don’t make a decision, the energy forms are moving with randomly, cancelling each other.

The same holds true if you are into a spiritual path.

Choosing the spiritual path

There are hundreds of spiritual traditions in the world. If you observe people, everyone is on one or the other spiritual paths.

But look closely. Most of them are still under the handpost.

They argue about religions. Which is right and which is wrong. They form groups and try to prove their own religions. Most spend their whole life in this argument.

Being in argument is being under the handpost. A true seeker is not under it. He has already left the place.

Consider Hindu tradition. In this, there are four paths of spirituality. They are called four Yogas – Bhakti, Jnana, Karma and Raja (Kriya) Yoga.

You can study all these yogic paths. Studying them makes you knowledgeable. But, it doesn’t give you any experience. For experience, you need to choose and path and practice it.

Look at the greatest spiritual masters. They have chosen their own paths. Gorakh Nath was purely into Kriya Yoga, while Meera and Kabir were into Bhakti. They didn’t argue with other forms. They moved from the handpost.

Understand, everyone who is speaking about religions, asking questions about the existence of God – they are all under the handpost.

They haven’t decided anything yet. Whole life they remain standing there, talking dry philosophy. Nothing is growing within them.

Forget these people. If you want to be in a spiritual path, make a decision. And take the first step.

There begins your new journey, and new life.

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