The Magic of Devotion – The secret to making God work for you

If your energy is not made to flow forward, it will start moving backward, making you live your regretful past again. The path of devotion sets your energy into a forward motion – from success to success.”

When I was an 8-year old, a drama artist taught me a mantra.

It was early summer, and a drama company had camped in our village ahead of the annual fair of our local deity. I used to play around the theatre during day times, and soon made friends with a few children of the drama artists’. I used to sneak into the theatre with them to watch shows for free.

One day, an artist visited our home and asked my mother if I could play the part of a young boy, a devotee of Lord Narayana. For that character, she taught me one mantra – which over the years helped me to discover the “Magic of Devotion”.

Srinivasa Ramanujan credits his mathematical findings to the Goddess of Namagiri. – Wikipedia

Since that day, I started practising, experimenting and studying the concept of Bhakti or devotion. The practice was for myself, but I studied it for a different purpose.

I used to feel extremely painful whenever I saw people with sad faces. I wanted to find an answer to their miseries. As I continued my experiments, I was surprised to find the greatness of this path.

It simply opens your superpowers instantly, without you having to do much.

You are born with cosmic potential. But, your life’s experiences have made you a failure. So, whenever someone suggests you to believe in yourself, it feels strange. You cannot completely believe in your own powers.

But, there is something else you can instantly believe in – the unlimited power of God.

Simply build a connection with God, and you can use God’s unlimited power to greatly benefit your life.

This is called the ‘Path of Devotion’.

Devotion or Bhakti helps you instantly connect with God.

In the path of Bhakti, you worship your inner potential as your personal deity and build a deeper connection. You make the God your partner, friend and protector. And drop your limiting mind and let God’s mind function for you.

Not only sages, but great warriors, writers, scientists, and householders have practised this method since ancient time. 

This book teaches you the miraculous path great men and women used to build kingdoms, huge organizations and amazing lifestyles. (You will read such stories inside the book.)

About the book

“The Magic of Devotion” is do-it-yourself process helping you to connect with your personal deity. On this path, you will start living a life with unlimited possibilities. People of any age can practice this method – The only need is an open heart.

This method helps you rethink your day, redesign a highly productive routine and maintain it for whole life.

With this, you can build your dream lifestyle, career, family and community. (Community is a set of people you would like to serve. As a doctor, the people you serve are your community).

The book teaches you the whole process in three steps:

  1. Understanding the science of devotion
  2. Choosing the deity that is right for you
  3. Building your career, community and lifestyle around your deity

How this book helps you:

  • It teaches you to make your deity/God your soulmate, and remain connected to your unlimited source energy. 
  • This helps you turn your life into a force towards a mission. 
  • You drop your past negativity and start living with a new self-image. 
  • You will become more loving and lovable, always remain joyful no matter what happens.
  • In this book, there is not much philosophy to understand or too many methods to practice.

You will learn and practice only ONE simple method. And you will know how your life changes magically – literally magically. I have experienced it.

Why this book

There are hundreds of books available on the path of devotion. They speak about the greatness of the path and about great devotees. But, they don’t work as a manual for a common man to practice.

That is why I wrote this book – even if you know nothing about spirituality, you can take up this book and live a spiritual life.

This is a text-based book and you can take your time to study and practice at your own pace.

Transform your life – with “The Magic of Devotion

With love


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