Self-image and the missing link between visualization and manifestation

“The strongest single factor in prosperity consciousness is self-esteem: believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it.” ~ Jerry Gillies

This is one of the biggest questions people ask on various Law of Attraction forums and social media – I tried everything, but I could not manifest what I wanted.

They try every method out there to create their dream house, big car, dream girlfriend – they ‘write down their dreams’ repeatedly, ‘they visualize’ and ‘fake it to make it’ and so on. But, nothing happens.

People repeatedly ask, why is this dream not becoming a reality? What is this unknown hurdle that is preventing me from getting what I want?

Let us analyze this situation.

First, consider these two points to understand:

  1. We all know that the law of attraction is the law of belief.
  2. The universe is not responding to what we want but is responding to what we have.

Now, there is a salesman working in a mobile shop for a monthly salary of Rs.15, 000. He can imagine buying a pulsar bike that costs about Rs.75, 000 (about $1200). But, for him, buying a car is a distant dream. Meanwhile, a software engineer who earns a salary of Rs.12 lakh per year can easily imagine buying a Toyota Corolla, but not a BMW i8.

This simply means that it is difficult for a salesman who believes he is worth Rs. 15,000 per month to visualize having a beautiful car. When there is an inherent belief that he cannot afford a car, all his visualizations go against his deeper belief and remain daydreams.

Self Image

However, if he imagines having his own mobile shop one day, it can be achieved. When he can own a mobile shop, he can easily buy a car without having to visualize it for days and months.

In this case, he is not dreaming about a big car, a big bungalow, but he has raised his own bar.

So, your car will not make you big, nor does your big bungalow. It is your own vision about your self-image that can make you big.

It is always easy to dream yourself to be in a bigger position than dreaming of having bigger things in your life. When you take greater responsibilities, you expand your consciousness. Your expanded consciousness can naturally let more wealth and abundance in.

Firstly, understand that you have an unlimited potential within you. What do you want to become – a great writer, painter, businessman or a scientist? Whichever the area you choose, the cosmic potential within you can help you achieve it.

Your Highest Self

There is another reason why you should always strive for a bigger position. When you have the self-image of a poor man, you will find it difficult to handle a fortune and lose it easily.

If you always feel that you are lucky for having a big car, you are sending a signal to your own inner being that you are less valuable than that car. With such feelings and belief, the dream car gradually becomes a burden for you. And soon, someone will steal it or it will get crushed in an accident.

This is the reason why those who get instant fortune through a lottery, game shows or any other means tend to lose it fast.

That is why you should have your worth bigger than all those that you want to possess. You should know that even that posh car should feel lucky to be with you. That is how you create your self-worth.

When you feel yourself be of great worth, all these things – the money, the bungalow, the relationships – start flowing towards you. You will no more be running towards them and lose your way.

Now, let us recall the two points we talked about earlier.

First, the law of attraction is a law of belief. Believe that you are destined to be a millionaire, you tend to be that. And when you think from that abundant outlook, as the second point says, the cosmos responds with more abundance.

This is the reason why mere visualizations will not work.

So, here is Your Easy Step:

“Instead of visualizing abundance in life, visualize yourself achieving that highest potential you ever dreamed of. With that self-worth come all those things you dream about.”

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have any questions.

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