Privacy Policy

Bhakti Dhara is committed to helping people practice Bhakti Yoga, one of the most revered ancient yogic practices.

This is beyond religions and open to every human being on the planet to understand this sacred yoga.

This site is developed to make it easy for you to read, learn and have good time here. We are committed to build it on trust and full-disclosure.

Here are our commitments:

  • Bhakti Dhara is completely 100% advertisement free
  • You will never get spam content from Bhakti Dhara
  • You will not find any pop-ups also. If you want to subscribe, you can do it by clicking here.
  • Your data including email addresses/contact details and others will only be used to send updates from this site. These details will never be shared with others for marketing or any other purposes.
  • Raghavendra personally reads all comments on the blogs and emails sent to him and responds when necessary.
  • In order to build an loving and caring community, all spam and hateful comments posted on any part of this website will be deleted.
  • Content in this site will be free. But, if you choose to sign up for a course, or if you require an one-on-one coaching, then you will be charged as mentioned in the related sections.
  • This site will remain a better for devotees & enthusiasts who are interested in understanding and practicing Bhakti Yoga.
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