Why we like being ruled. The best ruler in our life

He who rules men lives in confusion. He who is ruled by men live in sorrow. – Acharya Rajneesh

There is an innate desire in us to rule. It feels so good to become a king of the world.

But, have you observed? You also love being ruled. You love serving.

The military gives you purpose, you are ready to serve. The state gives you a purpose, you are ready to serve.

When there is someone to guide you, order you or dictate you to do something, life becomes easy. Because taking decisions is touch. Following the orders is easy in many ways such as:

  • It saves you a lot of responsibility. Life feels focused and simple.
  • You don’t need to think long term. You just respond to the present and live.
  • You wait upon the orders, and carry them out.

But there is a danger.

The master you are serving may not remain as loving for long. Sometimes, you might feel you are being used. The more you bend, the more your master is inclined to bend you. In such situations, you cannot live your life on your own terms. Life becomes a burden.

But there is a way. You can serve someone and still retain your complete freedom – That is the path of Bhakti or devotion.

Whom do you wish to serve

If you decide to serve a political party, you might end up serving power-hungry, corrupt leaders. And your status remains a step below them.

If you decide to serve a nation, you tend to hate other nations.

But, if you decide to serve the God, you will start loving everything in existence. And your status in the society becomes unique.

You serve the God. And by that, you will start serving everything that belongs to the God. You become the server for everything in existence. You will become the protector of the world.

That gives you a great power – the power of love.

When you decide to serve the God, you will find a great transformation in your personality. Here is how your life changes:

  1. You will find yourself filled with an unlimited fountain of love raising in you. It starts permeating the world around you. The plants start feeling your love. The birds and animals breathe your love. People start coming to you. They love being close to you.
  2. Your life will have a greater purpose.
  3. By starting to serve the God, you are serving the whole world also. And that too without any expectations. You will not even worry if your service is being recognised or rewarded. You serve like a king, a father.

This happens when you understand the path of Bhakti in a right way. Millions of people around the world go to temples regularly – They do bhajans and kirtans, wear all kinds of mala and rings. Still, they don’t really feel connected with the God.

If you are not feeling connected, then all your Japa, Kirtan or severe methods of repentance are of no use. Only when you feel the connection, only then you will know the real benefits of the path of Bhakti.

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